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Title: Rumpole and the Younger Generation

Director: Herbert Wise
Writer: John Mortimer

First broadcast 3 April 1978

Richard played: Tony Maclay
Leo McKern leads as Horace Rumpole.

Rumpole is defending a young member of the Timson clan, an extended family of light-fingered but otherwise moral South London villains. To his distress, his own son appears to be acquiring some of the Timson traits.

Trained at the E15 Acting School (1967–70) appeared in the production of The Long and the Short and the Tall. Early acting work from Richard's connections at E15 included, Aristophanes - Ecclesiazusae and Braggart Soldier. He then went into Repertory Theatre at Oldham and Lincoln. At Lincoln Theatre Royal he appeared in 'Happy as a Sandbag' and 'Leave Him to Heaven' and many more plays and musical productions.

The other repertory companies and local theatres that Richard worked in after Lincoln included, the Theatre Royal Stratford East, Birmingham Rep, Nottingham Playhouse, New Victoria Theatre Stoke on Trent, Newcastle, Leicester Haymarket, Greenwich, Colchester, Young Vic London, Salisbury, Bristol and Cheltenham.

Richard was in the London West End production of 'Happy as a Sandbag'.

As a founding member of the Pentabus touring theatre company, Richard gained a lot of experience in touring theatre work. The Pentabus Experiment or Concept as it was originally known was formed in 1973. At the forefront of the development of rural arts in the 1970s, initially Pentabus - so named because it served five counties in the Midlands - toured schools, village halls, pubs, local venues and numerous outdoor locations. Since those early days the rural arts movement has become more established and Pentabus has expanded to national and even international tours in it's modern era. They have received praise in the national press and won a number of awards. Pentabus Theatre has celebrated its 35th anniversary. 2013 marks the 40th birthday of Pentabus Theatre. They are busily planning a range of birthday events to mark that huge milestone too. There aren't many theatre companies today, who have lasted that long and continue to go from strength to strength. Each year Pentabus achieves more and more groundbreaking work.

As well as Pentabus, Richard's other touring theatre work includes, Bristol Express, Monstrous Regiment and Shared Experience.

Fringe Theatre appearances with The Combination, Soho Poly Theatre and Traverse Theatre. In the cast of "Wolf" at the Edinburgh Festival. A one-man show called 'RIP Maria Callas' at The Edinburgh Festival.

In the late 1970s Richard was one of the founders of an actors cooperative agency known as ACM Managment. ACM was based in the Gray's Inn area of London EC1. Many of the actors that joined ACM have enjoyed long and successful careers on the stage and in film.

Early TV appearances: 'Please Sir', Michael Hordern's 'King Lear' (1982). Directed by Jonathan Miller, an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey and a TV movie about a nuclear attack on Sheffield called 'Threads'.

Detailed list of TV and Movie appearances

"Midsomer Murders" (1 episode)
The Oblong Murders (25 May 2011) - Mr. Oliver  

"Holby City" (1 episode)
Thursday's Child (15 June 2010) - Mr Albers  

"Badly Drawn Roy" (13 episodes ) starting 30 September 2009
Roy Pulls a Face - Voice-Over/Narration
School Inspection - Voice-Over/Narration
Charity Case - Voice-Over/Narration
Halo Goodbye - Voice-Over/Narration
Roy on the Run - Voice-Over/Narration
Roy Band - Voice-Over/Narration  
A Matter of Principal - Voice-Over/Narration
and more

"Where the Heart Is" (1 episode)
Flesh and Blood (3 September 2006) - Councillor Simmons  

"Doctors" (1 episode)
Voice of Reason (14 May 2003) - Richard Bradley  

"The Last Detective" (1 episode)
Tricia (21 February 2003) - Hicks  

"Mersey Beat" (2 episodes )
Unexploded Bombs (6 August 2001) - Sgt. Chris Armstrong  
For Better or for Worse (3 September 2001) - Sgt. Chris Armstrong  

"The Glass" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (24 June 2001) - Roy Porter  

"EastEnders" (2 episodes)
Episode Name N/A (9 January 2001) - Mr. Kendrick  
Episode Name N/A (1992) - Prison Chaplin

The Man Who Cried (Cinema Movie)
(2000) - Foster Father

"In Defence" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (26 June 2000) - Dr. Snow  

"Coronation Street" (Several episodes)
Episode Name N/A (from 26 September 1999) - Derek Heavey  

"Dalziel and Pascoe" (1 episode)
On Beulah Height (12 June 1999) - Tom Perriman - diver  

"Births, Marriages and Deaths" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (22 February 1999) - Photographer  

Mr. White Goes to Westminster (TV movie)
(1997) -  Returning Officer

"Heartbeat" (1 episode)
Peace and Quiet (23 November 1997) - Johnson
"Soldier Soldier" (1 episode)
Out (11 November 1997) - Baxter  

"Holding On" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (14 October 1997) - LT Staff member  

"Emmerdale" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (31 May 1997) - Ron Hudson  

"Goodnight Sweetheart" (1 episode)
In the Mood (10 March 1997) - Cabbie  

"Drop the Dead Donkey" (1 episode)
The Path of True Love (29 October 1996) - Gavin  

Jude (Cinema Movie)
(1996) - 2nd Stone Mason

"Russ Abbot Show" (several episodes)
1996 - Actor in various skecthes

"Pie in the Sky" (1 episode)
Game Pie (7 January 1996) - Jim Watson  

"The Vet" (1 episode)
The Loss Adjuster (4 January 1996) - Ian Pagett  

"Between the Lines" (1 episode)
A Safe Pair of Hands (26 October 1994) - Immigration Officer  

"Casualty" (2 episodes )
Love and Affection (15 October 1994) - Ray Fairhurst  
Crossroads (9 October 1999) - Barry Exley  

All or Nothing at All (TV mini-series)
(1993) Guest

Calling the Shots (TV movie)
(1993) - Larry

"Love Hurts" (1 episode)
Love for Sale (5 March 1993) - Fred Hollingsworth  

"The Bill" (1 episode)
Street Cleaning (9 July 1992) - Karen's Father  

"Medics" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (7 April 1992) - Mr. Patterson  

"Harry Enfield's Television Programme" (3 episodes )
Episode Name N/A (2 April 1992) - Speaking part in comedy sketches
Episode Name N/A (16 April 1992) - Speaking part in comedy sketches  
Episode Name N/A (30 April 1992) - Speaking part in comedy sketches   

"The Gravy Train" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (18 July 1990) - Reporter  

"Troublemakers" (3 episodes )
Episode Name N/A (14 February 1990) - Ron Calpin  
Episode Name N/A (28 February 1990) - Ron Calpin  
Episode Name N/A (21 March 1990) - Ron Calpin  

"Agatha Christie: Poirot" (1 episode)
The Lost Mine (21 January 1990) - Lobby Clerk  

Love After Lunch (TV movie)
(1987) - John

"The Practice" (3 episodes )
Episode Name N/A (4 July 1986) - Actor  
Episode Name N/A (1 August 1986) - Actor  
Episode Name N/A (8 August 1986) - Actor  

Threads (TV movie)
(1984) Officer at Food Depot

"Reilly: Ace of Spies" (2 episodes )
Dreadnoughts and Crosses (28 September 1983) - Operator (uncredited)  
Gambit (12 October 1983) - Operator  

Russian Night... 1941 (TV movie)
(1982) - Guskov

"The Professionals" (1 episode)
You'll Be All Right (21 November 1982) - Pearson  

"Shine on Harvey Moon" (1 episode)
The Party Line (1 October 1982) - Plant 2  

King Lear (TV movie)
(1982) Officer

"Juliet Bravo" (2 episodes )
Coins (20 September 1980) - Police Constable  
No Peace (29 September 1984) - John Micklin  

"A Moment in Time" (1 episode)
Episode Name N/A (4 September 1979) - Matters  

"Secret Army" (1 episode)
A Matter of Life and Death (6 December 1978) - Paul Mitchell  

"Rumpole of the Bailey" (1 episode)
Rumpole and the Younger Generation (3 April 1978) - Tony Maclay